Your Song | Your gift

The individual present for Birthdays, Weddings or other Occasions


Get your unique present for the person you want to surprise.

YOUR SONG - Sweet Memories, to which you always can listen to!

Your own personal song, with words that describe YOUR life. I will text YOUR SONG and I will recite it for your birthday, anniversary or wedding-celebration on your party live!

With a few personal details about the person for whom the gift should be, I will create and sing that individual song for you!

Give me some personal information and your favorite Music and you will be amazed, what's coming out!

I will text YOUR SONG, record it and, if you'd like, recite it on your Event LIVE - anyway, you'll get my created song on CD or USB-Stick as a present.

Under the point "Wedding and Anniversary Gift Ideas" you will find further informations!

Your Choice

1. My surprise: personal audition on your party, when I sing YOUR SONG  (see photograph, where the concerned person is singing with me!)


 2. Musical design of your event for 1 or 2 hours and singing songs  according to your taste, incl. reciting YOUR SONG as a surprise!

For both options, you get my created song on CD as a gift.

Available languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew.